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Any statements related to income or earnings potential, regardless of medium, are examples of what may be possible in the future. Businessese makes no guarantees regarding results, present or future. Businessese is not responsible for your earnings, income, sales, or any other business performance as a result of this Agreement.


Businessese sells legal information products, which means that the Products are provided for informational purposes, to guide you with templates that you may use in your business. Businessese cannot guarantee any results from your use of the products. For example, Businessese cannot guarantee that you will not be sued if you use a contract template. Businessese advises you to seek legal advice from a duly licensed attorney to ensure that you have taken all recommended steps to protect your business. 

All products are based on general US legal principles. We cannot guarantee: 

  • That the laws outside of the US will be comparable and do not recommend the templates for those outside of the US
  • That the laws of your state will not conflict with any information in a Product. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are verifying any applicable laws for your jurisdiction. 


If you contact Businessese with questions regarding the propriety of a particular Product, you understand that any recommendations will be educational and not legal advice. Because our recommendations will be based solely on the information provided in a brief exchange, such as an email, we cannot guarantee that your needs will be met with the form we recommend. 


From time to time, we may feature testimonials in the Company Content. Any testimonials demonstrate a particular’s individual result and you may not have the same result. You should not have an expectation that you will be able to fully replicate the same results you see featured in a testimonial. 


You understand that: 

  • Businessese makes no representations, warranties or guarantees regarding the Company Content. 
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  • Businessese is not responsible for your results or any expenses that you may incur as a result of your purchase of a Product or you use of the Company Content. 


Updated: July 23, 2023